We are committed to creating true partnerships with our clients. Our experience with Diversity & Inclusion combined with our clients knowledge about their organization’s history and direction creates a powerful equation where 1+1=3.  Through this partnership, we are able to create truly customized solutions that are aligned with the organization’s strategy that achieve real change and drive sustainable measurable results.  As a result, our clients view us as a leader and trusted advisor in transforming their culture and achieving overall Diversity & Inclusion success.  To hear what some of our clients have to say, see below.

“I have had the privilege of working with The Kaleidoscope Group over the last few years.  I especially appreciate their consulting approach.  They seek to first understand the organization, the operating model, the current and future state business goals and then  with that understanding, they have been able to assist in appreciating core equities and progress, while identifying improvement opportunities.” – Fortune 500, Chief Diversity Officer

“Employees consistently remarked on the value of having a dialogue on diversity with facilitators who made it feel safe and engaging. This was key as it was our first time delivering a company-wide, instructor-led learning session on Diversity & Inclusion.”–Tesha L. Nesbit Arrington, Director, Diversity & Inclusion / Human Resources Division, Erie Insurance 

“I was impressed! The facilitators made a tough subject easy to discuss with engaging, interactive exercises. I also think they addressed the core issues which impact inclusion in a way which has stayed with me.”–The Nielsen Companies

“I thought it was a great class! Everyone who manages or might manage people should attend. It is more than diversity training, its more about how to build a high performing team where people feel valued, and equips leaders to get the best out of every individual on their team.”–The Nielsen Companies


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