The Kaleidoscope Group believes that to be successful you begin with the end in mind. We start with a clear understanding of how Diversity & Inclusion relates to your business results. Using KaleidoScore®, our measurement framework, we evaluate your organization across 5 Strategic Focus Areas which drive D&I success. For each area we evaluate your current state against the desired outcome.  Together we develop strategies with measurable objectives and practical, pragmatic action plans to develop the solution you need to drive results and positive movement toward a diverse and inclusive organization.  Our outcome based approach guarantees focus on both Diversity & Inclusion and business results. We use multiple tools and approaches including:

  • Measurement Consulting
  • Diversity Scorecard Toolkit
  • KaleidoScore Measurement Tool

To assist clients in measuring the effectiveness and impact of Diversity & Inclusion education,  we offer three distinct choices. Each choice focuses on different outcomes and may be used alone or in combination with the other choices.

  • The Inclusive Behaviors Multi-rater Feedback Assessment focuses on the frequency of demonstrated behaviors by participants
  • The Professional Learning Evaluation highlights the job relevance and impact on business results from diversity and inclusion education
  • Capturing Success Stories through Online Social Engagement focuses on personal observations and success stories


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