Education & Development


Education & Development is a key component of a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy for clients who are at the beginning stages of launching a D&I effort, as well as those who have been committed to the journey for a period of time. We offer a comprehensive approach to developing cultural competency at all levels and across all functions of an organization. We call our approach the 4i’s.  Our 4i’s Education Road map guides the customization of a progressive, multi-touch, multi-year, blended learning approach. The 4 i’s approach is focused on the progressive learning stages that lead to cultural competency which are: Importance (understanding the business value), Insight (enhancing personal awareness), Inclusion (skill development) and Integration (achieving optimal performance).


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Our solutions include:


These programs are highly flexible, and can include on-line content push pieces, pre/post learning assessments and reinforcements, and a combination of instructor led training and eLearning modules.  We also offer a variety of educational Services  and Delivery Methods:



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