The Kaleidoscope Group believes that in order for organizations to develop an effective Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy that will help them achieve their Vision of Success, a D&I assessment is needed.  The assessment is focused on understanding the perceptions of all stakeholders around the current state of Diversity & Inclusion in the organization while gathering ideas for improvement. The assessment also enables the organization to address the real issues and opportunities, rather than symptoms, which results in achieving the desired business outcomes.  At a broad level, we can assess the effectiveness of the overall existing diversity & inclusion initiatives, practices, and strategies in order to make recommendations to improve results.  We also conduct more specific assessments across a variety of diversity  areas including:

  • Organization Culture
  • Employer of Choice
  • Equitable People Processes
  • Diverse Marketing
  • Diverse Representation
  • Diverse Supplier
  • Community Relations

Our information gathering techniques include:

  • Review of Existing Organizational Data
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Web based Surveys
  • Web based Questionnaires


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