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Our HistoryKG-LinkedIn-Blue

Our roots in the Diversity & Inclusion industry were established by Bea Young, a recognized pioneer and leader in Diversity dating back to the 1970s with Harbridge House Consulting.  In 1993, Bea left Harbridge House and founded her own company, Bea Young Associates, Inc.   In 1996, Bea decided to share ownership of her firm with her long standing senior consultant, Doug Harris, and they decided to change the name of the firm to The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC.  In 2006, Bea sold her interest to Doug Harris, who serves as the CEO, visionary, and sole owner of the firm presently.  Today, Doug is sought after as he is considered a  powerful, nationally recognized, thought leader, speaker, and an executive consultant in business within the diversity and inclusion industry at large.

The name of our firm originates from the uniqueness of a kaleidoscope;  its continuously changing patterns of shape, color and beauty all converge in harmony to form a collective image more powerful than any single part.  The Kaleidoscope Group believes that any organization, like a kaleidoscope turning, can transform its performance with equally brilliant results.  The organization that learns to leverage and value the unique abilities, skills and experiences of all of its stakeholders, including customers, employees, and suppliers, can truly free the human potential to achieve a distinct competitive advantage.

Who We Are

The Kaleidoscope Group is a full service, Diversity & Inclusion consulting firm, headquartered in Chicago with a national presence and global reach.  We are a certified minority owned business enterprise (MBE) and are recognized as one of the top 10 pioneers in the Diversity & Inclusion industry.  Kaleidoscope has assisted organizations with successfully managing culture change and creating inclusion for over 30 years.  Our strength is to engage real people, in having real conversations, about real issues to create real change.


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